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Healthy in 2018: Week 4 - Time to make changes

Submitted by Joel on Sun, 03/18/2018 - 19:19

Bethany - 259, Joel - 267

The weather is starting to get nice, so we're starting to spend more time outside. We've started taking walks and soon we're going to be doing the FBI tests again. I'm up to 50 push-ups! So I really need to focus on sit-ups and running now. Bethany is doing more wall-ups and some counter-ups, so she has a long road to hit her push-up goal. On the plus side, as she loses weight, she'll be making those push-ups so much easier!

So we started with diet and a little exercise. We've lost a little, but haven't made the gains we wanted. This next stage is continuing our much, much healthier diet and pushing harder with exercise. Our diet is now eggs, vegetables, fruit, and some fish/chicken. We've cut WAY back on carbs and sweets. Our 'bad foods' are cheese and butter. We're not on a specific diet, but it's kinda like what I know about a 'Paleo diet', but we're not strictly on anything. We're just eating smarter and less. Smarter by eating much fewer carbs and empty calories, and less by just not pigging out like we used to. 

I think this is a good life-change diet. We're doing way more veggies and some fruits and way fewer carbs and sugars. We could still definitely do more, though. We need to experiment more with veggies like we did with the cauliflower pizza. So that's gonna be my food goal is more experiments. I've made more omelets in the last month than I have the whole rest of my life and it's been awesome! So more of that... healthy, yummy food and lots of exercise! We've got this!