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About Us


We are a travel couple living our way through Europe via house sitting and pet sitting. We write all about our adventures here on the blog! Whether it's the day to day challenges of living in a foreign country or the big tourist site we saw this week, you can follow along with us and read all about it! 

We also love to watch and review movies. We used to see everything in the theaters with MoviePass, but now that we are abroad we have switched to Netflix Originals. Read our reviews to see what's worth watching and what you can skip!

​​​​​​About Bethany (from Joel):
Bethany is my favorite person in the world. I fell in love with her the first day we met. She laughs easily, brightens a room, and truly loves life. Her spirit of adventure is why we're living our lives the way we are. 

Her background is in psychology and religion and has a master's degree in divinity. She is the heart of the site and writes most of the content. She loves to travel, see movies, and play games. She shares my entrepreneurial spirit and has started businesses selling clothes and beauty products, but will only sell things she believes in. 

In short, she's awesome!  

About Joel (from Bethany):
Joel is my favorite person in the world.  He is generous, smart, and logical (almost to a fault sometimes).  His sense of humor makes me laugh like no other, and he always encourages me to be my authentic self.  

His background is in computers, math, and social science, with a master’s degree in sociology.  He owned a small business for years and is way better at rolling with the punches of being an entrepreneur than I am.   He’s a master at games, loves to ski, and enjoys analyzing the movies we see.  He does the computer work on the page, so if something is wrong, it’s definitely his fault.