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My Empires and Puzzles info, tips, and tricks page

(EDIT - for 2022, I'm updating many of these pages. Just watch for an EDIT message)

If you've never played the mobile (only) game Empires & Puzzles, but are curious about the game, START HERE! Don't download it, don't do anything before reading that link! Ok, now that we have that out of the way, I love the game Empires & Puzzles made by Small Giant Games Ltd! So here is my labor of love... all my tips and tricks that I've learned along the way. I started with a blog post giving an overview of the game with my tips on how to get started and it's been pretty popular, so I decided to take it to the next level, and HERE WE ARE!


I'm not a veteran player, just a big fan!

Now, I didn't start at the beginning of the game and know the whole history or anything. This area of the blog is just a labor of love for me where I put my advice and information that I've gathered. I'm still kinda newish (currently level 50+) and just add stuff as I think of it. I'd love some advice as to what new stuff to add! (EDIT - Since I'm still playing maybe I'm not so new anymore. I'm now in the 80s, which is why I'm coming back and updating these pages.)

What is Empires and Puzzles?

Empires & Puzzles (E&P) is a hero collecting and leveling game with a battle system based on matching three+ tiles of a color to do damage to enemies and build mana for special abilities. While this is a pretty simple concept, the strategies of the game are pretty deep. Choosing which heroes to level, which to bring to a fight, and then actually playing the match-3 game is just part of it. You also have a town to build up and resources to spend and manage. 

I play nearly free (spending $5 a month on VIP and taking advantage of a cheap deal once in a while), but many play completely free to play (F2P) while others spend quite a bit on the game. It's definitely not a pay to win scheme, as you typically get paired against other players around the same power level as you are. (EDIT - I am also playing a completely free alt account, which is in the 60s, so I understand the F2P aspect of the game.)

This is a game of patience, though, as upgrades take longer and longer. You develop your team and keep unlocking more and better guys, but you need harder to get materials to ascend them. I really enjoy it, though, as strategy and efficiency can really pay off in the long run. Sure, luck matters, but it's not all there is and you still must play the game to build your guys up. You can't just buy them all and win. 

Intrigued? If so, I have all sorts of tips and tricks for you! If you're just getting started you might start with that first blog post or try the Getting Started tips. If you want to see everything I've done, here's a link to my entire tips page. Check back often as I keep adding more and more and more and more...