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A Morning in the Welsh Countryside (Part 2)

Submitted by Bethany on Wed, 10/10/2018 - 10:00

When we left off on our morning in the Welsh countryside, we were exploring an area of outstanding natural beauty. (That's seriously what it's labeled on Google!)


A Morning in the Welsh Countryside (Part 2).png

The sheep and horses that roam this area are completely free to go where they please - which sometimes they are on the road! There were a few times that we had to stop for sheep in the way. 

Sheep on the side of the road.png

Even after we left the hill side area with the gorgeous views, and drove into a small town nearby, there were still animals roaming everywhere! This time the horses were just taking over the road. You could tell they are used to owning the place - they just sauntered along, no sense of urgency or fear of vehicles. It was quite amusing to watch!

Horse in the road.png

As we continued meandering along the country roads, Joel was focused on trying to find a castle we could visit. We've been to one so far but it was closed so it didn't really scratch our castle itch. We need more! He kept finding some listed on Google, but we never did find one that we could actually visit. The closest we got was a set of ruins, but it was on private land so we couldn't even get close enough for a good picture, let alone be able to explore. 

We did come across some other interesting things though. One was another old church, this one quite close to the water with incredible views. The gate was locked so we couldn't get very close to the church, but there was a sign indicating it is still active. Services are held every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. 

Gate to St. Nicholas.png

I'm not sure how one would go about attending this church however. It is on the side of one of those narrow roads, so it would be quite difficult to walk to. There is a small parking slab by the gate that might hold four cars if they were cozy, but that's about it! 

Second Church of the day.png

After the church we started to head home when Joel realized we were driving by something he had noticed on Google before we even moved to this housesit. A place boasting the title of "Wales' Smallest Cinema" was close by! (You know us, always looking for a movie theater). We couldn't resist checking it out, and thankfully Margi indulged us. 

Sign at the smallest cinema.png

The cinema is indeed small, it's called the La Charette Cinema Sixteen - and the sixteen indicates how many seats it has! You can see from this picture of the whole building just how small it is. 

Smallest Cinema in Wales.png

Inside it is a bit cramped and crowded, and the screen is a bit small. I'm not sure we would actually want to watch anything here. A friend of ours has a theater room in his basement that is bigger! But it was fun to see and now Joel can cross that off his list of places to check out. 

Inside the smallest cinema.png

The cinema is in the same location as a place called the Gower Heritage Center, which has all sorts of other activities as well. We went inside the front entrance and there was a super cute souvenir shop with all sorts of Welsh themed items. This is likely where we will get some gifts for our current patrons! To explore the whole place cost £7 a person so we didn't go in, sadly. They do have some Halloween festivities at the end of the month so we might come back and indulge in those! 

Gower Heritage Centre.png

Out front of the center they had one of those iconic red telephone booths everyone always takes a picture with while in the UK. This one was currently being painted so I couldn't get my own picture with it. 

Red telephone booth.png

From there we were all getting a bit tired (and hungry!) so we decided to call it a morning. We had Margi drop us off at the local co-op so we could grab some bread and milk, and then we walked home in the beautiful sunshine. Overall it was a great morning with a great new friend, and we feel so blessed to be here!

XOXO, Bethany