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One of My Favorite Things: Color Street

Submitted by Bethany on Fri, 03/16/2018 - 14:26

At the end of the year last year I fell in love with a new nail polish product called Color Street.  Early in the fall I received a free sample from a consultant a friend of mine was hosting a party for, and like a dummy I let it sit in my bathroom drawer for a while.  Part of me felt like I just didn't have time to do my nails so I didn't want to mess with it.  When I finally sat down to use the two strip sample I had been sent, I was SHOCKED at how easy it was to apply, how quickly it went on, and two weeks later how long it lasted!


When I told Joel about how amazing it was and how I now wanted to buy he suggested I sign up as a consultant.  The starting fee is only $129 and comes with a ton of product you can use or sell, and tons of samples to start getting others hooked.  I contacted the gal who sent me the sample, chatted for a bit, and next thing I knew I was signing up for my second direct sales business.  

Y'all, I never thought I would be in sales, and definitely not direct sales.  After all this kind of business has a terrible reputation.  But when I find products I love and believe in I just can't help it.  Color Street is easy to apply requiring no tools, it lasts up to 2 weeks, and comes off with simple nail polish remover.  I cannot stress how easy it is!  It keeps my nails looking fabulous and healthier than ever - they grow so much longer now!  And bonus - all of their products are made in the USA! 

If you are reading this and would like to try a free sample, please contact me.  You can also join my VIP group on Facebook here, or start shopping on my website here!  If you are interested in joining please reach out so we can chat, and you can find more information here

Oh, and I made a video on how to apply these magical things, so be sure to check it out on YouTube

XOXO, Bethany