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Losing the Weight, Finding Myself: Week 8

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 03/19/2018 - 12:20

Ok, so I'm on week 8 of working on losing weight (for the umpteenth time in my life).  I didn't really want to write about it this week, as evidenced by my posting this on Monday instead of my usual Sunday.  I'm bummed because the number on the scale didn't move, again.  I so want to see that number start dropping, but it seems to be stuck.  I'm half wondering if the stupid thing is actually broken, but it said Joel lost a pound this week so I guess not.  I guess at least it's not going up? 

However, since the scale is not being very nice to me, I'm forced to take a look at some non-scale victories.  These are ways outside of the number on the scale to measure your success or progress towards your goal - and if you have the right mindset they can be just as encouraging and exciting as the scale victories.  So here are my non-scale victories for the week:

  • A pair of workout pants I bought over a year ago fit for the first time ever.  It is the 2XL "Jordan" work out pant from LuLaRoe.  I ordered this pair a long time ago to test it out, and was bummed when the 2XL (largest size they carry) didn't even kinda fit.  I couldn't get it past my thighs.  This week we were getting ready to take a walk in the cold, and all of my other workout pants are capris, so I thought I'd give the pants a shot.  Lo and behold, they fit!  Not super well, mind you.  I had a bit of a 'muffin top' as they say, but I could get them on!  
  • All of my 'regular' clothes are definitely fitting looser.  My dresses have a lot of extra room in the waist, and my TC2 leggings, which were always a bit on the big side, are starting to get so loose I'm worried they might fall down.  I both look forward to and dread the day that my 3XL Amelia dresses are unwearable because they are too big - I love my collection! 
  • I am starting to crave healthy food.  I've noticed this in the past when I make a big shift in my eating patterns.  It's hard at first, but eventually I find myself acutally wanting vegetables with every meal, my craving for sweets subsides, and a quick run through a fast food joint no longer sounds appetizing.  Usually I end up falling of this wagon, but this time I want to stay on! 

So there we have it.  Three non-scale victories I can celebrate, even if I can't celebrate a scale one just yet.  I also worked out this week more than ever before, and plan to continue that upward trend.  Although I'm still waiting for the day I look forward to exercising to kick in, lol.  

XOXO, Bethany