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Losing the Weight, Finding Myself: Week 7

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 03/11/2018 - 10:53

Well, well, well.  The scale stayed steady again this week.  Again, not what I want.  Again, frustrating considering the weight I am at.  I understand that plateaus happen in weight loss, but they aren't supposed to happen at the beginning!  

However, other non-scale victories have been reached this week.  Last week I promised myself that I would exercise at least three times in the coming week.  And I did!  Yay!  Granted I did Thursday/Friday/Saturday so I got it in just under the wire.  We went on walks each of those days, of about 2-3 miles.  It's still rather cold, windy and yucky out for walking outside, but I sucked it up, put on tons of layers, and did it anyway.  I call that a small victory.  I really can't wait for spring when these walks will become more enjoyable!  (Of course then will come the heat of summer and they'll suck again for an entirely different reason than they do now). 

Additionally, despite the lack of weight loss on the scale I think we did better still on food this week.  Every meal now contains at least one fruit or vegetable.  I realize this isn't a groundbreaking habit for most people but it's definitely one I have struggled with over the years.  I really have to be intentional to include fruits and veggies in my diet as my default mode is happy to live on pretty much just pasta and pizza.  Carbs are my favorite, salty/savory carbs even better.  Oh and cheese, I love cheese.  But I digress, I am trying to move more towards whole foods, including veggies in every meal and some fruit at breakfast, and focus more on protein and less on carbs.  I think we accomplished that this week eating a lot of salads (easy on the dressing), sauteed spinach and kale with eggs (Joel is getting great at making omelettes) and I made a huge batch of white chili I've been eating all week. 

So while I am of course, extremely disappointed that the scale is still hovering around 259 instead of plummeting down like I would prefer, I am choosing to find some joy in the lifestyle changes I am making.  I am finding the food changes easier than the exercise changes.  As I find healthier foods I enjoy I find myself looking forward to salad for dinner and craving pizza/pasta/carbs less.  I have yet to look forward to going on a walk or doing 100 push ups (wall-ups, let's be real) in a day, but hopefully that will come to.  For now I will just have to force myself to do it whether I enjoy it or not. 

This coming week I want to keep improving my food intake with fruits, veggies, protein, less carbs, and exercise at least three times again!  Hopefully with persistence that scale will start to move in the right direction sooner than later. 

XOXO, Bethany