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My Book List for 2023

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 01/01/2023 - 12:36

Another year, another book list, here we go! 

My Book List for 2023:

1. Lifespan: Why We Age - and Why We Don't Have To by David Sinclair, PhD
It took me ages to finally finish this book, but finishing it at the start of the new year seems apt! It contains tons of research, shared accessibly, about why we age - and the up-and-coming science that means we might not have to. He goes into the ethical and moral debates around stalling/stopping human aging, and I found the whole thing fascinating. I have hope for some of these scientific advances in my lifetime - and in the meantime, it's a pretty big incentive to eat better, move more, and take better care of myself in general! 

2. Beauty by Robin McKinley
I thoroughly enjoyed this new spin on the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast. It was very well-written and and a joy to read.

3. ZED by Joanna Kavenna (2022 Advent Calendar TEOTWRC Book)
The End of the World Reading Club put out an Advent Calendar for Christmas and, of course, I had to get it! Each day leading up to Christmas I got to open a gift - sometimes they were food/candy, sometimes they were book-related, and other times they were apocalypse survival stuff! And on Christmas Day there was a hard cover book as the final present! I thoroughly enjoyed this novel about a supposedly utopian future where smart technology lives in everything from your refrigerator to your front door, and constantly runs "lifechain" predictions about what you (and everyone else) will do next. The story follows the CEO of Beetle, the tech supergiant running everything; his right-hand man; a policewoman who works alongside sentient droids; and an editor of the still free press, as they navigate this world. Things start going awry with an unknown human quantity called "Zed." I would love to read more books based in this world! 

4. Finlay Donovan Knocks 'Em Dead by Elle Cosimano
This is the second in a series, I read the first one last year. The first book gripped me immediately and I found to be very fun if campy/cheesy. This one...just had too much camp/cheese for me. The characters began to be exceedingly unrealistic while also very predictable. The tension/problems were just annoying more than anything - I hate when main characters just continually create problems for themselves out of sheer stupidity. I think there are more in this series but I won't be checking them out.