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Pandemic Pizza: Part 14 of 2022

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 04/04/2022 - 14:51

I will admit, this has been a depressing week…it is supposed to be spring and yet the snow flurries keep flying. My poor lilac buds had ice covering them and my crocuses closed their heads up tight to stay warm.

Memories keep popping up on Facebook showing my daffodils blooming and my lilacs starting to bloom in past years. The branches on the trees have tight little buds without even a hint of green. We are stuck in a cold, grey, rainy spring! If we do get a sunny day it comes with winds of 25-30 mph.

As I write this it is again cold, grey and raindrops are starting to hit the windows. And they even mentioned the ‘s’ word…again…sigh!

At least it has been warm in my kitchen.

Wednesday in the Kitchen with Matthew: Sometimes living with lupus means it knocks you down. (A prednisone burst should pick me back up.) Thankfully, Matthew took over in my kitchen. He made his famous pasta sauce with spaghetti, salad and focaccia bread.

Have you ever heard of Grandma Style Pizza?

It is a distinct pizza that originates from Long Island, New York. It is a thin, rectangular pizza, typically with cheese and tomatoes. Italian immigrants did not have a pizza oven or stone at home. So Italian housewives and Nonnas improvised, creating a large pizza to feed a hungry family. Grandma Style Pizza is often compared to Sicilian pizza. 

Friday Pieday: Grandma Sheet Pan Pizza…dough topped with Mozzarella, then sauce, then of course pepperoni for my carnivorous son, Lol.

On Saturday we made Runzas (with the last of the cabbage from St. Patrick’s Day). What are Runzas, you may ask? Learn all about it here

Saturday in the Kitchen with Matthew: For all my Nebraska friends (where there is a fast-food chain called Runza) we made homemade Runzas…soft rectangular yeast rolls filled with ground beef, cabbage, onion and cheese with a side of onion rings.

Sunday’s Creation: My favorite soup recreated as a pizza…French Onion Soup Pizza…my pan onion crust topped with olive oil, dried thyme, Swiss cheese, Parmesan, oven caramelized onions, gruyere cheese and garnished with parsley.

Till next week in the kitchen!

~Peggy Palmer-Johnson