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Future Sight - Dumber, Smaller Robots Will Take Over The WORLD!

Submitted by Joel on Thu, 04/04/2019 - 04:33

When most people think of a movie about a swarm of robots taking over the world, they think Terminator or Matrix. But MY story would be about a new performance food called BioStrength, where a new company guarantees enhanced abilities with their foods. The star of the movie is a slightly aging detective, wanting to compete with the dangers on the streets. She starts eating the food and feels great! As the food keeps getting eating and the pills taken and the drinks imbibed, the hero can jump higher and run faster. But then, she uncovers a case of a person getting badly shocked and then bleeding from all orifices! What happened to this person? 


Nanobots went haywire and ate the person from the inside! 

Of course, this is science fiction, but I don't think it will be for very long. Companies are already looking at swarms of tiny robots to accomplish complicated tasks. These tiny little things have simple programming, but combined together, can overcome incredible obstacles! 

Mimicking Nature

It's EASY to find swarm intelligence in nature. Ants, of course, are a great example. They have very simple brains and abilities, but can accomplish incredible feats of creation and destruction. Bees are another fascinating swarm. Both can give complex directions to food and even move entire colonies! 

If we can create small robots that can follow a few simple commands while sending simple responses to a control unit, we might be able to do amazing things, like digging tunnels or even building structures! Instead of a 3D printer using drive arms, imagine if a swarm of robots receiving simple instructions from a complex hive brain could be used instead!


What if we can go even SMALLER, though? Like in the story, imagine if we could make tiny robots that can enter our body and perform tasks that our body isn't great at, like finding cancer cells and moving them into our bowels to excrete them. Or maybe they could go into our blood vessels and clean out buildups of gunk to prevent strokes. Even if they could just spread through our body and send back simple messages about body temperature, that would be incredibly helpful.

Readers of this series already know that I welcome our future robot overlords, but I also welcome our tiny parasites that will help us live longer and healthier lives. Yeah, it would suck if they went crazy and ate us from the inside out, but I'm sure there are smart engineers working on how to prevent that. At least, I HOPE so! 

Would you swallow a pill of tiny robots to cure your cancer? I know I would! What am I missing? Talk about it in the comments!

Your thoughts?

Random response thoughts: generally speaking, I fear swarms. I loathe ants for just this reason - too many of them in one place. I have never just come across one ant. Although, I love bees and typically think of them as communities, not swarms, so I guess that means I consider the positive word for swarm to be community. 

That is a great point! Look at what 'swarms of people' can do we put our minds to something! Communities can do great things when we work together and communicate efficiently. I think society suffers when we are self-serving instead of community-serving. Great insight!