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Reading at the Beach

Submitted by Bethany on Thu, 06/08/2017 - 19:18

This afternoon was amazing.   I was going to take the kids to the pool, but when Joel got his haircut, Melissa told him about the beach out at Bushy Creek State Park.  We decided to head there instead, for free!  It. Was. Awesome. 

We had the beach to ourselves most of the time.  It was hot, but tolerable.  The water was nice and cold, and we splurged on some floaties from Aldi.  One is a chair and it was perfection - it kept me half in the water and half out, so I didn't get too cold or too hot.  I alternated time in the water with reading chapters of my book on the beach.  

Girl Boss book


The kids were able to entertain themselves, and we spent some time splashing around in the water together.  It was an all around win! 

New goal this summer - get to the beach at least once a week to swim and read!!

XOXO, Bethany