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The New Mutants Shines A New Light On The X-Men World

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Submitted by Joel on Fri, 09/04/2020 - 03:36

Since I was young, I've enjoyed the X-Men. I read the comics and really enjoyed the stories and characters. The thing about the X-Men, though, is they weren't just costumed heroes fighting against costumed villains, like I found so many other comics to depict. Instead, X-Men fought against the evils of all aspects of the world. It was a reflection of the bigotry in society, and I really loved seeing that reality of the world. Most of the X-Men movies touch on the idea, but usually just dust over that idea and get down to heroes vs villains, which always disappoints me. This movie, though, doesn't follow that same trope.

The New Mutants follows teens in the X-Men world that are developing powers and have been removed from the population to ensure they hurt as few people as possible. They all struggle with their powers and are working through how to control them. But are they patients or prisoners?

It's nice to see the X-Men creators trying to do something different, I must admit. Logan showed them that they can break the superhero mold, which is a good thing. I don't think they really hit this one, though. It felt more like the pilot episode of a series rather than a full movie. The characters were more defined by their powers than their personalities, but it's hard to imagine that having such incredible power wouldn't define a person. It just wasn't really that enjoyable to watch. Something interesting could happen the next movie, which could be really amazing, but this just wasn't that good. Not terrible, but not that good. If you like anything superhero-y, you'll still enjoy this one.