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The New Mutants - The New Feel Is Not For Me

Check out Joel's review:

Submitted by Bethany on Fri, 09/04/2020 - 03:41

I love superhero movies, as evidenced by my pure unbridled love for all offerings from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (we didn't review it, but if we had, Avengers: End Game would have received my first perfect 10.) When it comes to the X-Men, however, my relationship is a bit rockier. I love the idea of this universe, but the film offerings have been hit or miss for me, and the darker turn they took with the release of Logan in 2017 really goes a direction that is just not for me. 

The New Mutants features a small cast of five young teens (the titular new mutants) and the doctor who is helping them learn more about their new, often uncontrollable, powers.  The movie is very self-contained though there are brief acknowledgments of the wider X-men universe outside their doors. The whole feel of the film is dark and dreary, and the set and storyline are all in that vein.

I recognize that, objectively, the movie is probably better than I am giving it credit for, I just don't happen to care for dark superhero films very much. (Although, ironically, I enjoyed Brightburn, a film answering the question, what if Superman was evil?) I want my X-men out saving the world with their powers, not acknowledging the very real cost that can come with having such power. I suppose this is a fairly realistic view at what might happen if such powers ever did come into our world, but hey, who watches superhero movies for reality? Not me!

Anyway, if you like the X-Men universe and you enjoy the grittier turn the films are taking, this one is for you. If you, like me, prefer a little more pep in your superhero's step, maybe just go watch Black Panther again instead.