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How to Get Over a Breakup Takes Me Through the Stages of Denial

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Submitted by Joel on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 06:15

Romantic comedies aren't my favorite, but I don't dislike them, either. When it comes to foreign films, romantic comedies are usually my least liked as they're often over the top and I just have little in common with any of the characters. I want my romcoms to be touching, funny, but with characters that I could imagine existing in real life. I'm ok with a real-life fantasy, but I want it grounded. This movie both succeeded and failed and I had a hard time with it. If you enjoy romcoms, I would say you'll likely enjoy this movie, too, but you should watch it with the subtitles on. I'm no purist when it comes to subtitles or dubbing, but these voice actors weren't great, so if you watch, put it in Spanish.

How to Get Over a Breakup follows a writer on her rollercoaster ride of a breakup. It starts with the breakup and goes through most of the usual emotions. Her friends comfort her, she struggles with work, will she find new love? You know the formula. It's a pretty typical story of losing yourself and then trying to find your path again. 

I can usually do a pretty good job of guessing how much I'll enjoy (or hate) a movie at the beginning. And I guessed that I'd really not enjoy this movie.  And I was right! For a while, at least. We started with it dubbed instead of subtitles and the voice actors were just not very good. So that didn't help, but the characters and story was rough, too. It really didn't find its footing until midway through the movie, when it actually became kinda good. The characters shed their unrealistic traits and became real people. It was nice. Sadly, it was too hard to forgive the beginning of the movie, so I couldn't give it high marks. It was formulaic, cliche, and predictable, but it did have some heart in there that was nice. For romcom fans, I think this will be enjoyable, but if you're trying to win a non-romcommer over, I wouldn't do it with this one.