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Dumplin' Has A Good Message And Better Characters

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Submitted by Joel on Tue, 12/18/2018 - 12:15

I enjoy character-driven movies. Usually, though, it's the main character that drives everything, but in some movies, the side characters steal the spotlight. This is one of those movies. I liked the main character, but I LOVED the side characters. It's rare to have a movie that has such a great message with such great writing. I think if you like the premise of the movie, you'll enjoy the delivery, too.

Dumplin' is the nickname a mother uses for her daughter. Although Dumplin is above average weight, her mom is a former beauty pageant winner and still does a lot of organization for events.  So Dumplin' decides she's going to join one of her pageants! When she makes her protest statement, she takes a few other girls along with her that also want to make some waves. They all learn a lot about themselves and the rest of the beauty pageant world. 

There's obviously a lot of tension between the mother and daughter, but not because of treatment. The differences in their lifestyle attitudes drives most of it, but the mom does a pretty good job of being supportive. Still, Dumplin' is often torn down by the dregs of society, so she struggles a lot with her place in the world. But she has a lot of support from her friends, who she pushes away at times. 

Dumplin' is a good character, but she's like my sixth favorite of the movie. The journey is a tough one, and Dumplin' struggles and often falls. It's tough to have the main character be the one brought up by the others, but I think it pulls it off! I really enjoyed it, and I think most people who are intrigued by the premise will also enjoy it.