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Dumplin' - A Delicious Tale of Friendship and Family

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Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 12/18/2018 - 10:48

Full disclosure - I have not read the book on which this movie is based. I want to but there is a 6+ month waiting period for it from my library, so for now, the movie will have to do. And let me tell you, the movie does well. I'll say it from the start - I loved this movie!

The story follows Willowdean, a plus-size teen played by Danielle McDonald, and her former queen mother, played by Jennifer Aniston. Willowdean enters the local beauty pageant her mother runs, and doing so affects her relationships with her mother, her aunt, her best friend, new friends, and even the cute boy at work. What follows is a coming of age story for the ages. 

I loved everything about this movie - the acting was excellent, the story was well-written (though I cannot speak to how well it follows the book), and it gives a much needed message of body confidence for women of all sizes without shoving it in your face. I'm not ashamed to say I teared up several times and outright cried more than once. The movie handled sensitive subjects gracefully and showed the positive side of female friendships in a time when a lot of movies portray only the negative. 

I highly recommend this movie to everyone, and in particular would suggest it for any pre-teen or teenage girls. It is absolutely fabulous and one I will be watching again and again to make sure I absorb the message of love and confidence at any size!