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Cam is Surprising. Not Really Good, But Surprising.

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Submitted by Joel on Sun, 12/02/2018 - 10:21

Some movies are just difficult to review. There might be an integral part of the movie that drags it down, so I can't discuss it without spoilers. Maybe there's an element missing that's hard to put a finger on. Or maybe the movie just doesn't move well, and it's hard to say why exactly I didn't like it. Well, this movie has a bit of all of those things. It seems like it would be a movie that I'd enjoy, but I just didn't. There's a something about it that I can't discuss without giving the movie away, and if you're going to watch it, you shouldn't go into it knowing this. And there's just something missing from it. And it didn't really flow well. I wish I could be more specific about it, but, for me, the movie was less than the sum of its parts.

Cam tells the story of a camgirl. Apparently, this is a girl that live streams stuff and gets paid by guys that like to see it. It doesn't have to be sexual, but it usually is. They just do stuff for viewers and tips. It was a view into a world I didn't even know existed. And it had a bit of a compelling story, too. Alice, the main cam girl, plays Lola on screen. It shows some of the hardships of being a cam girl. But there's something darker. One day, her account is locked out, and she has to figure out who is trying to ruin her life/profession. 

This movie definitely isn't for kids. There's a lot of nudity and sexuality in it, but it's also kinda convoluted with too many conflicts and themes. Again, this movie is really hard to review. It seems like it would be something I'd like as far as delving into a world I've never seen, but I really didn't gravitate to any of the characters, nor did the plot really grab me. Perhaps we needed to see the motivation of Alice/Lola more. Perhaps it needed to cut some of the extraneous conflicts that never really went anywhere. I think I would have liked it a lot more just telling the story of this girl and the ins and outs of the profession had they not added the main conflict of the movie - her losing her account. It's bad when the main conflict is the biggest problem in the film.

Still, even though I didn't care for it, I can understand wanting to watch it. It's a different world with a conflict you can't really have outside of that world. So, maybe it's something you'd like. If someone described it to me, I would have expected to like it.