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Cam - A Look Into A Different World

Check out Joel's review:

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 12/02/2018 - 10:32

Joel and I often mention that of the things we enjoy about movies is the glimpse you get into a different world. Whether it's stepping back in time to post-war UK or looking ahead to a future where dinosaurs are back, movies let us see and experience something we never would otherwise. Cam is definitely one of those movies. 

The world the movie takes you into is the world of "cam girls" - women who perform online for men who pay them money for an interactive experience, all with at least a sexual undertone, if not an explicit overtone. The story focuses on Alice, who performs online as Lola, and is dead set on breaking into the top ten on her site. We see her get more and more creative with her shows while sticking to three rules she has set for herself. Then something strange happens - she wakes up one one morning to find herself locked out of her channel.

From there we follow her struggle to figure out what is going on, stop it, and try to regain some control of her life and online image. It's an interesting treatise on stolen identity and what our online personas really mean to us. Because even if you don't have a secret life as a cam girl, we all play a role online to some extent. The story is intriguing enough that it held my attention, though the world Alice inhabits isn't one I'm usually interested in seeing. I don't mind that it exists, it's just not my thing.

If you like mysteries and don't mind overtly sexual movies you should enjoy this one. It's definitely something different, with a pretty well-written story and good acting!