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"Bank" Your Extra Food and Recruits

Once you get to Training Camp 11 (TC11), you can put more and more into it to add days and days of pulls (I've had over 200 days banked before). Once you get TC13, you can back off on TC11 to get recruits and a little food out and put lots of food into TC13. Need food? Back off on TC13 and throw the extra recruits into TC11. And vice versa! To make it faster, you can press and hold down the + or - button!

Be careful, though, if you back off and it warns you that you don't have room and you do it anyway, you just LOSE ALL OF THOSE RESOURCES! There's no good reason to do this, usually, so don't. Always try to save some wiggle room so you can back off on one to add to the other. It takes practice, but you'll get the hang of it!