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Quick Tips

These don't really belong in any specific category, but are just really quick tips to help with the game. You probably know them all, but you never know!!

Suggested level: 1

Path of Valor has you hunt ducks once in a while and it can be annoying waiting for them to appea

Suggested level: 1

Click on a resource producer and click Collect to harvest a smaller amount early.

Suggested level: 1

Click on Food, Iron, or Recruits to see your current max.

Suggested level: 1

There are little ?s and 'i's everywhere that give you more info. Click them and learn!

Suggested level: 4

There are two ways to play a non-raid without having to pay attention.

Suggested level: 10

When you start out, the game is pretty fast.

Suggested level: 15

Once you get to Training Camp 11 (TC11), you can put more and more into it to add days and days o