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Thor: Ragnorok was a Little Too Campy for My Tastes

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Submitted by Joel on Fri, 11/03/2017 - 18:23

If you liked the pod race scene from The Phantom Menace, you'll love Thor: Ragnorok. It has it's charm, but I found the movie slightly disappointing, personally. The movie was campy with a side of slapstick. It was quite a departure from the other Thor movies, which might be a good idea, since the other movies weren't exactly great. 

Spoilers ahead!

The movie opens with Thor narrating talking to a skeleton. It was a good scene to open the movie, as it perfectly reflects the type of humor and action the whole movie contains. Of course, the camera turns to reveal the skeleton... and its jaw falls off! Ha! 

Had the other movies shown this side of Thor before, it wouldn't have been quite so jarring, I guess. Could you imagine Tony Stark without his wit? Of course not. This was too much of a departure from what Thor has been. But the movie does have some decent action scenes and some interesting character development. Loki and Thor mend some of their relationship and put aside some of their petty squabbles. It's good to see the other side of the relationship. It didn't make much sense how much Thor supported Loki with nothing in exchange. Now we can see some of the other side. 

There were a few scenes that make little sense, but they were fairly few in number. Probably my biggest complaint was when Banner jumps down to turn into Hulk, as he's done before. He mentions that this might be the last of him, though. This scene of sacrifice was turned into slapstick humor, though. Instead of a heroic and tragic triumph, it turns into a snicker. Considering the implications foreshadowed before, though, it's hardly appropriate for this (what should have been a) heart-breaking scene. 

All in all, the movie was average. It was a good movie with the washing of campiness bringing it back down to average. Don't go expecting Rogue One, because you're about to see The Phantom Menace (minus Jar Jar).

Your thoughts?

So, I agree with a lot you have to say. I've always struggled with the individual Thor movies. This one to me was the best of the 3 but that doesn't say much as I haven't been too happy with the first two. Number one has grown on me but the story always seemed lacking. This one the story if fun but maybe too fun.

Get it? Like 'sore' issue. HAR!

Ahem... Yeah, they don't use Portman enough for the heart of the movies, and this one, to me, just got rid of all the heart completely. I don't think I'd give any of the Thor movies very good ratings, sadly. Such a cool character, but he has only been great in the Avengers movies, in my opinion.

So far I have enjoyed all the Captain America Movies. I do wish 2, and 3 had better villians but still enjoyed all of these the most. I enjoyed the First Iron Man film. No so much 2 or 3. I know a lot of people like 3. Doctor Strange Shocked me, really enjoyed that one. Ant-Man was ok in my book. The avengers, while fun, I struggle to rewatch them. And the Thor movies fall behind every else but watch maybe more then Avengers as the length gets to. Gaurdians of the Galaxy, really like the first, not a fan of the 2nd at all. Got tickets for Black Panther on Thursday.