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The Perfect Date Was Far From Perfection

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Submitted by Joel on Thu, 04/18/2019 - 05:26

I like a good cheesy, simple movie, but I want them to push some boundaries. I want them to have some originality. This movie wasn't original at all. In fact, it seemed like a mix of two Patrick Dempsey movies from the 80's, Can't Buy Me Love and Loverboy. But in those movies, the main character grew. Like, REALLY grew as a character and a person. In this, the main character starts out pretty darn awesome and just kinda stays the same, showing off his awesomeness. That really takes the charm away from the cheesy, simple movie algorithm. If you enjoy any movie like this, you'll probably like it, but the 80's just did it better. Go watch Can't Buy Me Love. It's WAY better.

The Perfect Date tells the story of a Yale wannabe that is trying to make some money by being... well, the perfect date (roll credits!) He has his friend whip up an app and people can order up their perfect date, and he'll fill the bill. He can do anything, dance and romance or just be good company. But he starts taking it too far... will he damage his relationships for his dream to go to Yale?

I really didn't care for this movie. I mean, it wasn't terrible... the acting was fine, but it really lacked what makes a movie good. The situations were contrived, the characters overreacted to things, the 'climax' was anything but... it's just a story about someone with a perfect life doing something not bad at all, and then people around him saying, "maybe don't take it so far?" I would definitely skip this movie and see something original and clever instead of this poor substitute.