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Outlaw King Is As Brave, But Has Less Heart

Check out Bethany's review:

Submitted by Joel on Tue, 11/13/2018 - 06:12

I do enjoy epic historical dramas, I must admit. I love the scope and the scenery and the way it highlights history. I like them to be fairly accurate, and honestly, I have no idea if this movie is. Still, there was something missing for me. 

Outlaw King tells the story of Scotland's fight with the English following the death of William Wallace. Robert the Bruce takes up the fight betraying a truce after being defeated by the English. Gathering troops is difficult and they struggle to even get the fight started. Sacrifices are made, and deals cut, but can that defeat the most powerful army in the world?

This movie is set right after Braveheart, and feels a lot like a sequel. Many scenes need some historical context, which it doesn't give. When Wallace is executed, the people rise up, but it's not explained why. It really never shows the horrific treatment of the Scots by the English, so it's hard to understand the struggle. It also never really shows the pains of the past fighting, so you don't really understand why there is resistance to joining arms against the English. 

Still, the story was riveting. While there were issues with the movie, I still really enjoyed it. I couldn't rate it higher since I try to be objective about the movie. And I have to rise above my personal biases... blah blah blah... nope, I just haven't seen Braveheart in a while, so I kept trying to remember that movie to make this one better. So you should watch it, but you'll appreciate it more if you watch the first one.