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The Last Laugh Wasn't Very Funny, But Kinda Sweet

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Submitted by Joel on Mon, 01/14/2019 - 07:27

Some movies hit you hard and stay with you for a while. Others seem to have been made on a whim without much passion in them. Sadly, this was the latter. I was pretty disappointed, since this was my kind of movie. Great actors in a character study about life and regrets and taking all that you can before you go. But this just lacked heart for me.

The Last Laugh follows a couple of guys not wanting to call it quits on life. They may be old, but they're not finished yet. So they go out on the road, a comedian-turned-doctor-turned-back-into-a-comedian and his manager, to do a tour while they still can enjoy it. Along the way, you get to understand the characters a bit more as you look into their regrets and laugh along with them as they joke about the hardships of growing old.

There really isn't a lot to say about the movie. It wasn't really bad nor was it really good. There were some good lines and a scene or two would give you the feels. Mostly it was about them not wanting to be done, which I think was what was happening in real life for the actors. You can skip this one and watch Cocoon instead if you want to see old folks not wanting to call it quits.