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Lady Bird - A Flight of Fancy Coming of Age Story

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Submitted by Bethany on Thu, 12/21/2017 - 16:11

Lady Bird is a coming of age story about a young woman in her senior year of High School, who is exploring who she is, how she relates to the world, and what she wants her future to be.  She tries to claim her own identity by insisting people refer to her as "Lady Bird" instead of her given name.  She tests the boundaries in her relationships - with her mother, with her best friend, and with the boys who are interested in her.  We see these relationships change and morph throughout the movie. 

For the most part the movie is honest - showing real emotion and reactions, but I think it falls short of giving Lady Bird some consequences for her actions.  She tells some lies, she hurts some people close to her, and then those problems seem to resolve with little to no work on her end.   Perhaps she just lives a charmed life, but I feel like some of the conflicts could have been more... conflict-y.  Conflicted?  Anyway.

To me the most interesting story line was between Lady Bird and her mother.  Neither of them seemed to enjoy their relationship, they both often hurt each other, and yet there was a deep love that existed between them - they just couldn't figure out how to properly express that to each other.  Their communication skills were poor to say the least.  Lady Bird's ultimate desire is to go to college on the East Coast - an entire continent away from her family, and her mother takes this as a personal affront.  Rather than seeing her daughter as wanting to spread her wings and fly (pun intended) she sees it as her daughter wanting to abandon her family.  

The movie ends on a good note, but I was left wanting more - and not in a good way as is sometimes the case.  I was left wanting more because the story felt somehow incomplete, lacking a depth of some sort.  But for the most part I enjoyed it anyway.