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Upgrade Your Day By Watching Upgrade

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Submitted by Joel on Mon, 06/04/2018 - 10:17

I like movies about awesome characters doing awesome stuff. It could be someone with cool skills or cool abilities or someone with a lot of drive just getting things done. Here we have all of that, and I loved it! 

Upgrade tells the story of our future with technology starting to take over. Enhancements to our lives become necessities as we want to dig deeper into ourselves. Crime, though, still finds a way to throw us a curveball, and our future is no different. The hero in this story, Grey, is mostly anti-tech. But after a mugging leaves him crippled and his wife murdered, he accepts an upgrade so he can walk again and maybe hunt down those that ruined his life. Soon he realizes he's more than just a man now. He can react faster and study things more carefully with his augmented brain. He goes after the men that did this seeking revenge for their crime.

This movie reminded me of The Crow, one of my favorite movies. A couple in love taken from the world with one returning for vengeance. He hunts them down one at a time learning more about the underworld along the way. I didn't enjoy this as much as The Crow, but I did still really like it. It's dark and brooding and gives us a glimpse into the complications of our future. The movie did have a couple issues keeping it from the top ratings, but it had good action (sometimes a little too brutal, though), good characters, and a good flow. It had suspense with some twists and turns that I really enjoyed. I think it's worth a watch if you can handle the bloody parts.