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Tenet is More Mindbending Than Inception (But Not As Good)

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Submitted by Joel on Fri, 09/04/2020 - 02:57

I love Christopher Nolan films. They are thought-provoking and always well done, even if some don't quite hit the mark (Dark Knight Rises). It's hard to review many of them without giving away too much, though. They all have so many twists and turns that you really can't talk about it too much without giving away so much of the punch. So if you liked Inception, you should watch Tenet. Don't watch previews of it, just go watch the movie. If you're still on the fence about it, read on!

Tenet follows an elite soldier recruited into an elite organization that is trying to stop the world from ending. Then it gets weird. There's action and intrigue and it's very James Bond-like, but can be hard to follow because of the twists and turns. If you think you might want to watch it, GO WATCH IT NOW AND STOP READING!! But... if you're still wondering... I'll give a bit more from the first twenty minutes. The world is at risk because an organization has figured out a way to 'invert' objects. They are going backwards in time and there's some sort of explosion... in the past? And it messes with everything... who's doing it? Why? Can they stop the world from ending?

Time travel is always a tough one. Nolan does a pretty good job with this one, but it probably has to be watched about a dozen times to really pick the movie apart. There were some aspects, on first viewing, that I didn't quite agree with, but maybe next time I'll like it more. And I do want to watch it again, which does say something about the movie. But it really messes with the narrative. It's often tough to follow and that makes it not for everyone. The characters aren't well developed and it's hard to care about them, which is why Inception is better (plus Inception is easier to follow). If you do want to see it, you should really try to avoid spoilers. We knew nothing about the movie when going into it, which I think improved it a lot for us. Watching the trailer after the movie, it really takes the punch out of almost all of it. Trailers can really be the worst.