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Solo: An Enjoyable Star Wars Backstory

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Bethany's Rating: 7
Submitted by Joel on Mon, 05/28/2018 - 08:29

I really enjoy the Star Wars universe, but I have some issues with some of the movies. I might be a little too picky, in fact. But I still have hope every time a new one comes out. I worried, though, would this new movie use the Star Wars universe as a good backdrop to tell their tale, or would they use a litany of old characters as a crutch, like so many of the other movies? I was pleasantly surprised that we didn't see tons of side characters from the other movies. No R2 or 3PO! I was shocked, to be honest! 

Solo: A Star Wars Story explains how Han became a lovable smuggler with a rough exterior but a good heart. He grew up on a planet that builds ships and he dreamed of being a pilot. His life is miserable and he's practically a slave to the criminal overlords, but he escapes and tries to find his way in this crazy galaxy. He joins the Empire, but can't seem to follow orders and gets mixed up with some thieves and scoundrels. 

This is one of the few movies that actually pays attention to what the previous movies said about Han. Like, there are no obvious force users. No Jedi, no lightsabers, no religion. He is just making his way through life as best he can and nothing magical happens. It is a nice rare glimpse into the life of common folk, away from the trappings of duty, title, or destiny. The movie itself had a few issues really immersing me into the world, especially at the beginning. For some reason (I may have to see it again to really check into it), I had a problem getting into the movie (maybe the opening captions or bad exposition?). It just didn't grab me until he got off his homeworld. After that, though, the movie drew me in and I was enthralled. I look forward to seeing it again! If you like Star Wars or even just fun SciFi movies, you'll like this. I don't think you'd really need to have seen any of the other movies