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Sgt Stubby Fails to Wag My Tail

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Submitted by Joel on Tue, 04/17/2018 - 20:31

Some people give credit to animated movies because they're for kids or have a 'good story' in spite of all the terrible other things. I am not such a person. I'm not extra critical, but I'm not extra soft. Well, I did not care for this movie. Yes, it had a nice story. But it's not a good movie. The animation was poor, the voice acting was not great, the writing was terrible, and the direction of the movie was just awful. WHY WAS THERE SUDDENLY NARRATION?! We never meet the narrator. She says stuff like, "I'd have never guessed that ..." Who are you telling your story to? There's no opening segment about telling the story to a kid or something. And how does everyone speak DOG so fluently?! "Bark!" What? We need to take shelter?! 

If this was really a true story, it deserved a lot better telling than this movie. It's about a dog that adopts a person and follows him into war. Of course, it opens with the dog IN the war and then SIX MONTHS EARLIER. Probably the worst trope in all movie history. So we know the dog goes to the war, but then there's this long scene about whether the dog will be left behind. We've already SEEN IT at the WAR! Ugh. Why even try to build tension that way? Even better, why start with a spoiler to that tension?!

So, no, I didn't like this movie. I definitely feel bad making MoviePass pay for this movie. I definitely would not have gone had we not agreed to see every movie and review it. So YOU ARE WELCOME. If you're a sucker for animated movies, you'll probably still like this movie. In fact, you should go to this movie to find out if, in fact, you're a sucker for animated movies. If you like it, next time just rent a classic you haven't seen in a while.