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Santa Girl Is A Dark Sky With One Shining Star

Check out Bethany's review:

Submitted by Joel on Sun, 11/17/2019 - 21:43

Cheesy Christmas movies are loved by those that set a pretty low bar for quality. I say the same for animated movies. And musicals. And artsy movies. If you like them, you don't really care if they have wide appeal. Or good acting. Or good writing. Or good characters. Or plot holes. It doesn't really matter if you can't answer questions like, "Why did they do that?!" I try to review movies with the perspective that readers want some objectivity, so I really try not to compare movies to others in their genre, but instead try to just tell you if a movie is good or not. This movie was not good... HOWEVER!!! I must admit there was one aspect of it that really did put a smile on my face. And she's not even on the movie poster!

Santa Girl tells the story of the selfish daughter of Santa Claus, who cares only about herself, then in two months at school completely changes her entire personality for no reason whatsoever. She is supposed to marry into the Jack Frost family, but it never explains the machinations there. If she doesn't follow through, Frost gets everything and yet he tries to ensure the marriage works. NOTHING MAKES SENSE IN THIS MOVIE!!! 

But it has McKayla Witt in it. At the time of writing this, she doesn't even have a picture on IMDB, with only two entries. Her Instagram has less than 2000 followers. But she is delightful! Sure, her character is over the top. Considering the other direction decisions in the movies, I fault the director more than her, but even with this over-acting requirement, she is just a fun ball of energy! I would watch a movie with Pep (the elf McKayla plays) as the star! The character is really the only good thing about the movie and honestly does make it worth watching. When she first appeared on screen, I thought, "Oh! They use children for elves!" because she's just so tiny. But then I thought, "She's a really great actress for being so young!" But, as the movie continued, it was pretty obvious that she was older and a pretty decent actress. 

So I'm officially requesting a Pep movie with a mention or cameo of Buddy the Elf! Make it happen, internet! Make it happen!