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The Post Highlights the History of a Modern Problem

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Submitted by Joel on Sun, 01/21/2018 - 15:22

I enjoy historical movies like this. We need to be reminded of the battles we've already won to give us the confidence to keep driving forward. If you enjoy movies about pivotal times in history with politics and intrigue, you'll enjoy The Post. It's a bit slow to start as it builds the environment, but it's worth it in the end. 

The Post follows the story of The Washington Post as it transitions from a local paper into a national paper. It's the story of a woman, who owns the paper after her husband's death, trying to find her way in a man's world. She's put into a position of deciding to put the paper at risk in order to strengthen the First Amendment by publishing papers about the Viet Nam war that are classified, but damning to the president. They risk the destruction of the paper and prison terms if found to be in contempt of court, so the question is... publish? Or not? 

I think the story is important, both for the role of a woman in this important historical act and for the act itself. Women have had (and will have) important roles in history and the press have had (and will have) important roles in our country. We should not try to weaken either of them and should support them in their roles. We need all people, male and female, to be our leaders. And we need the press to shine the light on the dark world of power. Further, we need movies like this to remind us of what we have gained and inspire us to not lose ground on these subjects.