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Phantom Thread Weaves a Tapestry of Strange Love

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Submitted by Joel on Thu, 02/01/2018 - 21:26

If you like artsy movies with long, slow first and second acts and with the third act containing all the excitement, you'll enjoy this movie. It's very slow, but beautiful, and tells the story of how a young lady got a tough, disciplined dressmaker to fall for her. The acting is superb and the characters are deep... but be warned; the first 90 minutes meticulously unveils the characters, which some might find a tad boring.

Phantom Thread immerses you into the world of a dressmaker in London circa 1950. His career spans decades and he will not stand deviation from his routine. He is driven, demanding, and disciplined. But he's also a man who needs love. His sister works with him, helping him with his business, but also when he needs to remove a companion from his life. Eventually, he becomes infatuated with a young waitress, who he takes under his wing as he has so many others. She has a natural beauty, but their feelings become deeper as she shows a true appreciation of his work. Both are strong-willed, but she is more determined to get her man than he is to keep his life unchanged. 

This movie is not for everyone. If you struggle in the early movie, it is worth it for the last 50 minutes, I promise. Personally, I had a hard time not penalizing the movie for being a little too full of itself. Many scenes went on too long for a movie with a 2hr+ runtime. Still, it's a very good intriguing film, but it would not win my vote for best picture.