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Peter Rabbit - A Hopping Good Time!

Check out Joel's review:

Submitted by Bethany on Thu, 02/22/2018 - 12:22

I was quite excited to see this movie for two reasons - One, I loved Peter Rabbit when I was a kid (my two foot tall stuffed Peter Rabbit is still one of my prized possessions), and Two, some friends of ours had given it a rave review - even going so far as to say they enjoyed it even more than Black Panther!  That was some high praise, so despite not feeling well this week, I was ready to venture out of my sick bed to see this movie. 

Now, I can't say it was better than Black Panther because, let's face it, Black Panther was amazeballs.  However, Peter Rabbit was pretty dang amazing as well!  It far exceeded my expectations.  The music was fantastic - and they used it for comedic effect as well, something I don't often notice in movies.  Music would be playing, then they would show it was the birds singing the song, then they would get interrupted in some hilarious way, it was great.  The animation was wonderful - the rabbits and other animals didn't look completely unrealistic, and even when they interacted with humans it was well done. 

One of my favorite things about kids movies is when they include jokes for the adults - and this one had them in spades.  This movie will be a favorite for years to come - it is enjoyable for small children, and when they grow up and show it to their kids they will appreciate the humor and story on a whole different level.  (Or a whole 'nother level as I like to say and Joel likes to make fun of me for).  The storyline was fun and believable and included some great lessons and talking points along the way.  Apparently, there has been some controversy on how allergies were addressed in the movie - but the movie itself acknowledged this in a very tongue-in-cheek fashion.  I personally don't think there was really anything to be upset about. 

Overall the movie was incredibly enjoyable and I highly recommend seeing it, even if you do feel a little awkward going to a kid's movie without kids like we did.  If all else fails, steal some friend's kids for the afternoon and I guarantee you will all have a great time! 

(Disclaimer: I do not actually advocate stealing children, please consult parents before taking children with you to a movie or anywhere else for that matter, I will not be held responsible for any kidnapping charges you may incur from taking advice from a movie review blog, please and thank you.)