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Murder on the Orient Express is a Long Trip, but the Destination is Worth It

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Submitted by Joel on Thu, 11/16/2017 - 18:49

I have to admit, there were times during this movie that I was bored. The characters seemed a bit fake to me, too. They explained stuff a bit too much when it just wasn't needed. But in the end, I have to admit, I enjoyed the movie as a whole. The acting was decent, and the final motivations of the characters made sense when the whole story was told. Still, it was a bit of a long ride to get there. If you like meandering mysteries with beautiful views, this movie is for you!

Renowned detective Hercule Poirot wants to take some time off, but instead has to solve a murder mystery on his train! The clues are plentiful, but he can't seem to piece it all together. What happened? Is his life in danger? Are the other passengers safe? The movie really isn't all that tense, though. We get introduced to the detective and then we have a parade of characters, but we really don't care about them. The story unfolds as Detective Poirot tells us the clues he's found and tries to make sense of them. He interviews the other passengers, but as a means of exposition, it was rather dull. Some lie, but he figures it out, etc.

I dunno... it wasn't that entertaining until the third act. His character was interesting enough, but the others were off. The ending reveal of the murderer was worth it, though, I must say. It was a tough ride to get there, but the Orient Express paid off in the end. Not a great movie, but an entertaining mystery by the end of it.

Your thoughts?

I think your review is spot on. I struggled with this movie at first but the further I got into it the more and more I enjoyed it. By the end I was like that was good. I was excited to see they greenlit a sequel but not sure how much will happen with the disney/fox deal.