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Maze Runner: The Death Cure Should Have Been Euthanized

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Submitted by Joel on Thu, 02/01/2018 - 21:00

I kinda liked the first Maze Runner movie. It was intriguing, even if it had some issues. The second Maze Runner movie (Scorch Trials) wasn't very good. The setting was ill-conceived and had some major issues. This movie was the worst of the three. I suppose if you really enjoyed the second movie, you'll probably enjoy this one, too. 

The Death Cure starts where the other one stopped. This is not a standalone movie. So watch a trailer for Scorch Trials before you see Death Cure (or watch the CinemaSins and realize that it's really not worth seeing Death Cure). We follow Thomas on the final leg of his journey to ensure humanity dies. Yes, that's right... I said it. He has the cure for the plague killing humanity, but he doesn't like the way the company making the serum does it. So he wants to leave humanity behind and let them all die. Sure, the people at WCKD (pronounced 'wicked', because they're terrible at naming themselves) are awful people. But does that mean that all of humanity should die? Apparently.

So, to me, most of the things in the movie make no sense. It opens with a train heist. Well-equipped military personnel with scopes and assault weapons lose 90% of their forces to teenagers with no armor and pistols who fire with little to no cover. The teens escape with no injuries. This is a typical scene in Maze Runner. There are incredibly dangerous things going on all around them, but they escape with little to no casualties time and again. So they free some kids, but not the right kid, so off to a city they go. But it has a huge wall that seems impenetrable! No problem, the underground rebels have a tunnel! There is literally no problem getting into the city. Why doesn't the rebels use this? I have no idea. So they get into the city that is just going on with its life... people are shown just going to work and life goes on. WHAT?! This makes no sense! I could go on and on. Scene after scene just makes no frikkin' sense. A guy really wants the cure so he tries to kill everyone that can get him the cure... IT MAKES NO SENSE!!

So, anyway... if I were you, I wouldn't watch this movie, even if you have MoviePass. It's not worth your time or their money. SKIP IT!

Your thoughts?

I'm going to have to disagree on your thoughts of this movie. I enjoyed this one a bit. Now it wasn't amazing it was fun of what it was. If was a nice ending with an ending that made me think and kind of surprised me. It wasn't the happy ending i thought which made me like it more. I still think the first in the series was the best but I think this 2nd with the middle movie last. A lot of what you don't like happens in every action movie made. By now they lost almost all the characters they could in the first so they had to have them last where they could. I do this this one deserves a positive rating. Also its nice to see them finish a young adult book series since a lot of them have been failing to make it to the end lately. I do get lost with the name maze runner series as only the first of 3 movies connects to that title.

I had such issues with the ending. I don't want to give away the end, but the decisions just made no sense to me. Why are you shooting that person that can help you and then hunting down the other people that can help do the thing you wanna do? But I can see your point that it's good for a 'thoughtless action movie', so to speak. I'm also pretty hard on movies when it comes to stuff like this.

Thanks for your input!

I get what your saying. I didn't where every ended in the end. I enjoyed the fact that what seemed to be the point of all 3, didn't happen. The shock factor I guess. Reasons why I enjoy Empire Strikes back and Arlington Road. Like you or Bethany said.  I feel you too. I'm super hard on Super hero movies and a lot of the Marvel films everyone loves usually fall a little short for me.