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Life of the Party Needed More Life and Less Party

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Submitted by Joel on Mon, 05/14/2018 - 09:32

It was better than expected, but still not great. It seems like the goal was to make a pretty funny joke and then stretch it out until it was barely funny anymore. Still some funny, sure... but just not as funny. Like they only had a few really good jokes but the movie didn't hit the runtime and they just couldn't cut anymore, so they had to leave in the less good parts. The characters were all over the place, too. Are they awkward? Do they approve or not? Are they confident or not? You can't call them cardboard cutouts, though, but I think they went too far the other way and made them too wishy-washy.

Life of the Party is a story about a mom who is getting divorced going through a bit of a mid-life crisis. She never graduated, so she decides to go back to school where her daughter attends to finish her degree. It's a cute enough concept, but there really isn't much more than just showing examples of her in school. There's no real growth for any of the characters (except maybe one, but I don't want to give any spoilers). They are all pretty much the same going in as coming out. The mom (played by Melissa McCarthy) is pretty confident in her momness and femininity and the rest of the characters are really just window dressing for her. I can't even remember what the daughter is majoring in as I write this. 

I thought it was going to be pretty terrible, but it's not. It's pretty average with a few decent laughs. It lacked heart, though. It tried, but it was mostly more of a fish-out-of-water-takes-over-the-pond kinda movie. So it was ok... but skippable.