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The Kissing Booth Was Sweet, But Dull

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Submitted by Joel on Sat, 09/29/2018 - 16:59

I'm not opposed to cheesy, super-sweet movies. But they need to have some heart and soul to them. You can't have everything go right and have no repercussions. I want there to still be some reflection of real life sprinkled into the fantasy. Sadly, this was just the sweet coating with nothing underneath.

The Kissing Booth, first of all, is a terrible name for this movie. The booth doesn't really have that much to do with the movie! Ok, it does a little bit, but really it should be named something like, "Breaking The Rules" or some such. These two friends have these rules for their friendship, and they are PIVOTAL to the movie! Maybe 'Rules Are Made To Be Broken' or something. Anyway, so they make this booth and people kiss some and they make this big deal out of it when it seemed really minor. I dunno... it wasn't the greatest of plot devices, in my opinion.

So it's a story of growing up and falling in love and the struggles of adolescence. It's a super sweet movie and you won't miss much if you play on your phone through most of it. Sadly, I'm the type that watches pretty much every little scene and am rarely distracted through a movie by my phone. Other people, though, have no issues with this so movies like this are pretty easy to watch. Ahem. 

There's nothing really great about the movie except the relationship between the two friends, the beginning about the mom, and the very end (three good things isn't bad, though!). The rest is pretty typical cheesy movie stuff. Some pretty bad lines here and there, but for the most part it's ok. The booth itself is pretty crazy, since they have this whole stage and the paint they use isn't used for the sign and they have neon lights and such that they shouldn't really have, but you get the idea. Silly cheesy lovey movie about teens falling in love.