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The Kissing Booth - Comes with a Huge Serving of Cheese

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Submitted by Bethany on Fri, 09/28/2018 - 08:34

You can tell just by the premise of this movie that it is going to be cheesy. I mean, a kissing booth? Has anyone actually ever seen one of these in real life? I never have. In today's climate around consent and sexual assault awareness, I highly doubt one would be allowed at a high school - especially one where the participants are blindfolded. However, if you suspend disbelief at some of the ridiculousness of the concept, there is a pretty cute story underneath. 

Joey King plays Elle, who is best friends with Lee Flynn, played by Joel Courtney. They have been BFF's since birth, sharing a birthday and everything. They even have rules for their friendship! Rule #9 - no relations with relatives - gets called into question when Elle has a massive crush on Lee's older brother, bad boy Noah. When things come to a head at the kissing booth and it turns out Noah likes her too, Elle must make a choice between her best friend and her boyfriend. 

So much of this movie is cheesy - the concept, the happy dating montages, even the conflict is somewhat eye roll worthy. Luckily, I love cheese! Despite the predictability I was still moved at times (I'll admit I teared up a bit at one point) and I was invested in the story. I appreciated the ending that wasn't too pie in the sky romantic fantasy, but actually had a touch of realism. It's certainly nothing groundbreaking in movie making, but it's cute enough to be worth watching. 

If you like cheesy rom-coms featuring teenage romance, and don't mind a huge slice of cheese, you'll enjoy this one. Go into it with the right expectations and it will be quite fun!