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Justice League Surprises By Not Being Terrible

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Submitted by Joel on Sun, 11/19/2017 - 16:16

DC follows Wonder Woman with another decent movie! I KNOW! It surprised me, too! The acting was decent, the story was pretty good, the characters finally had some chemistry... SERIOUSLY! It's actually worth watching! I mean, it wasn't a GREAT movie, but it was a very not terrible movie. If you liked Wonder Woman, you'll probably like this.

The story follows the death of Superman as the world mourns a grows afraid of the darkness that is sure to follow. An alien race that feeds on fear awakens an ancient evil that seeks to finish what it started. The world isn't ready for this type of powerful evil, so Bruce Wayne gathers together all the heroes the world has uncovered thus far. They fight the big bad guy, but he might be too much for even the greatest heroes with the greatest of them all, Superman.


So yeah, they bring back Superman. No one is really surprised by this. Maybe by how soon he comes back, but still. We knew he was coming. And he's actually allowed to be powerful! Stronger, faster... he's actually Superman! It's awesome! The characters are actually pretty much themselves. There aren't any gigantic plot holes (they all seem to have portable closets with hero and civilian clothes at the ready, but still) and no major character annoyances. Of course, there is some reluctance in coming together, but a little internal conflict never hurt anyone. In the end, they fight and struggle as a team. There's a lot of cliches, but that can be forgiven. It's not a great movie, but it's a pretty decent movie. If you like superheroes, it's worth a watch.