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Justice League - Finally Doing the DC Universe Justice?

Check out Joel's review:

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 11/19/2017 - 16:13

I have to admit, I love a good superhero movie.  Heck, I love a few bad superhero movies (Green Lantern, anyone?).  But the hype surrounding Justice League was...not good.  And after the epic disaster that was Batman vs. Superman, let's just say my expectations were low.  Rock bottom low.  Which is probably why I found myself pleasantly surprised by this movie. 

The first portion of the movie is, predictably, all about getting the band together.  Batman and Wonder Woman are recruiting other heroes, and we learn a bit about each of their backgrounds and personal struggles.  The personality and wit infused into each of these characters was entertaining and fun (thanks, Joss Whedon!).  Gal Godot is a pleasure to see every time she is on screen, and the guy who plays Aqua Man?  Yes, please!  [Side note: with men like that on this earth, I'm not sure how Blake Shelton got named People Magazine's sexiest man alive.  I mean, have they seen Aqua Man?] 

The epic battle between the heroes and the villain was, I felt, worthy of a movie with this many heroes.  The fate of the world was hanging in the balance, and the stakes felt appropriately high.  I loved seeing the heroes work together, each channeling their own special talents and abilities.  I am a bit unsure of where the Justice League goes from here.  How many world ending villains can they battle before it starts to feel a bit routine?  But I must say, whatever happens next, I will be there to watch it, opening weekend. 

Your thoughts?

I liked this one too. More then I thought. While the acting wasn't all that great it was very fitting. It mirrored what I enjoy with the DC cartoon movies. It was fast paced and the story was good. I enjoyed the newer actors in the mix. I thought Cyborg, Flash and Wonder Woman did great. Superman was good but needed to be in more.  Ben I think makes a really good Bruce Wayne but a crappy Batman. If that makes sense. haha. I think Joss also gets a bad rap on this one. Everyone wants the cut of the original director but what they don't understand is it already is. Whedon did not add or edit enough film to change the director credit on the film like we will see in the upcoming Solo movie. Also WB highly oversaw Joss edits and didn't even let him add all that he wanted.