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Jumanji Sucks Us Back to Yesteryear

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Submitted by Joel on Fri, 12/22/2017 - 15:15

Action comedies are probably my favorite type of movie. If you like them, too, you'll like the new Jumanji. Yes, it's a little silly, but there are great jokes, good action, and darn good acting. The story is simple and pretty predictable, but that's not what you're going to a movie like this to see. It's all about the humor and actors and the action. And those things are top notch. 

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle tells the story of four teenagers that get sucked into a video game as the characters, not themselves. So the actors played against type, which is awesome. The Rock plays a nerdy video gamer, Kevin Hart plays a jock, Karen Gillan plays a shy bookworm, and Jack Black plays a selfie-obsessed mean girl. The chemistry between them all is fantastic and really enjoyable. 

They did a pretty good job of addressing video game mechanics in the movie, but I wish they would have delved deeper into it. Like, maybe they couldn't open a door because of a small obstruction, or even a door that just won't open because the programmers didn't code for it. They still did some stuff with it, like saying the wrong things to NPCs, but it could have been better, I think. Still, the interactions of the characters and concept of the movie was good enough to overcome the thin plot. Well worth watching.

Your thoughts?

I'm torn on this one. I went in thinking I'd love this movie. Wanted to love it. After Seeing last Jedi was like this is what I need and ended up liking last Jedi more after this one. I thought all the actors and actresses did great in this movie. They all played well off each other but the story to me was bad. What they tried to say was a level in game was way too short and small. It didn't seem like the plan was planned all the way. I'm shocked at how amazing it is doing in the box office and already has a greenlit sequel. It will be a busy year for Rock with this, Rampage and Skyscrapper.