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Isn't It Romantic Flips the Script on RomComs

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Submitted by Joel on Mon, 03/11/2019 - 05:53

I enjoy a good RomCom. Sadly, there aren't very many GOOD RomComs. Most are really cheesy and over the top, and this is no different. Except that it IS different... in that it's aware of how cheesy RomComs are and wants to change things up a bit and be self-aware. The problem is that it doesn't really break the mold, but rather just make fun of the genre and then continue to do what it's making fun of. If you like a good cheesy RomCom, then you'll like this. Not because it's necessarily original, though, but because it's having some fun while doing the exact same thing.

Isn't It Romantic tells the story of a girl who doesn't believe in the Hollywood love story. As a child she was told how stupid and unrealistic it is, so now she's a bit jaded about the whole 'love thing'. One day, due to some head trauma, she awakes to find herself in RomCom world, where New York is bright and shiny and everything is sunshine and rainbows! Love comes easy, conflict is contrived, and she has to figure out how to get back to reality. And, of course, it has everything to do with love.

I really did enjoy the premise of the movie, but, while it was fun to watch, it definitely isn't one of my faves. While it made fun of all of the typical RomCom tropes, it didn't really do anything about it. The characters were cute, but not realistic and definitely not moving. This is definitely more of the Com than the Rom with pretty much none of the Droms. It's a good movie for when you don't wanna have much of the feels. A pretty typical fantasy RomCom. Personally, I prefer Ella Enchanted or Enchanted. Is it weird that there's a sub-genre of RomComs that just poke fun at themselves?