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Hostiles Portrays the Best and Worst of Humanity

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Submitted by Joel on Sun, 02/11/2018 - 12:05

Usually, I don't care for movies without a glimmer of humor or happiness in them. This is one of those movies. But it's hard to have hum0r in a tale as dark as this. If you enjoy a dark historical drama with some violence and killing, you will likely enjoy this movie. 

Hostiles begins beyond civilization, where only the strong survive. A family is attacked and everything lost. We follow a soldier ordered to escort his most hated enemy into even more uncivilized lands. Along the way, you see the most savage of humanity, but also a glimpse at why civilization is better. There is evil all around and in all of us. That darkness shows in this movie, but also a glimmering of light. We can all search for redemption and forgiveness, even if we might never find it.

Yes, this movie is filled with the horrors of life without rules. It's also a bit heavy-handed, in my opinion, showing that no one here has decency or civility. I'm not a historian, but I find it hard to believe that a tale like this reflects the reality of the time and place. Were there people like this? I'm sure of it. But if everyone was like this, the soldiers were pretty reckless to behave the way they did. If there are truly threats EVERYWHERE, why leave the weakest among you along ever? While it's an interesting story, I found the premise and actions of the characters a bit too far-fetched to really appreciate it. The movie works hard to feel realistic, but in reality, it's still just one harsh view of that world and not the real thing.