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Hereditary Tells A Frightening Tale

Check out Bethany's review:

Submitted by Joel on Fri, 06/08/2018 - 22:53

I like the concept of scary movies, but I rarely actually enjoy the movies themselves. They rarely scare me or even unnerve me. The movies are typically poorly made and the characters are stupid or unbelievable. But this wasn't the typical scary movie. It actually developed the characters and had many twists and turns. The story was engaging, which is rare for the genre. And there were times that I was unnerved. Well done, movie! If you like creepy movies with a slow build and some decent scares, you'll like this one.

Hereditary tells the story of a family with some oddities in their past. I think you should watch the movie, so I don't want to give any of the weirdness away, but the main character (Toni Collette, who is just awesome... and Australian! I didn't know!) loses her mom and she's having a hard time dealing with it. Her mom was strange and wasn't very loving and it's impacted the family. Her husband is pretty understanding, but you can tell he's had a rough time with it. Her daughter has special needs and was really close to her grandmother, so she's not doing well. Her son is distant, but is still mostly 'with it', but having a special needs sister is often hard on him, but he's working through it. But then the weird starts happening. It's a good build and it just keeps spinning crazier and crazier. It's pretty well done.

I didn't think it was too scary, personally, but if this sort of thing scares you (Bethany), it will probably be tough to watch. Still, I think even those that don't usually enjoy scary movies will appreciate this one. I guess I'll find out when I read Bethany's review. ;)