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Glass Isn't Unbreakable or Split, but Its Own Thing

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Bethany's Rating: 6
Submitted by Joel on Mon, 02/04/2019 - 12:43

I really like M Night Shyamalan movies. I've seen them all (except for his very first one, which isn't widely available). I like the characters. I like the way he tells a story. I like the twists. But I understand that he's not for everyone. While this is a pretty typical Shyamalan movie, it is also more approachable than many of his other movies, but you do have to watch Unbreakable and Split in order to really get it. Sadly, those are NOT very approachable movies, so I understand that this might not be a movie that many people decide to watch. Which is really too bad. My suggestion is to just appreciate what these movies have to offer and watch them all! 

Glass continues the story started in Unbreakable and then laterally added to in Split. This is a strange sequel to each of those individual movies. This follows the hero of Unbreakable and the villains from both Unbreakable and Split. I don't like spoilers, so if you haven't seen any previews for this, I really don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just mention the opening moments of the movie. Nearly two decades have passed since the end of Unbreakable and the hero is continuing his mission. He's tracking the villain from Split, who is also continuing his evil ways. This is a pretty typical good-meets-bad comic-book style movie, so that's all I want to give away.

I really did enjoy this movie and I think that if you like his style, you will like it, too. I hope that many of you do so people will see the movie and it will be popular so he can keep making his movies. If you like modern-day fantasy movies with thought-provoking stories, then I really think you should give his movies a try. If you already love him, then you'll enjoy Glass. It's not his best work, but it's still pretty darn good.