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Game Night is All Fun and Games

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Submitted by Joel on Thu, 02/22/2018 - 21:51

This is like the crazy love child of The Game and Date Night. But they raised it well, cuz this was a darn good movie. There were twists and turns and so many laughs. And for people that like Friday Night Lights, is Landry in EVERY MOVIE LATELY?! Soon, his IMDB will be longer than Morgan Freeman! And this character was one of his best, I think. He plays the next door neighbor, who is a police officer and the ex-husband of their friend. He's awkward but wants to be invited to their game night, but she is more their friend than he is, so... he's not invited. And it's pretty hilarious.

Game Night follows a couple that loves games and to win them. They're competitive and want to win a game against the husband's brother, who wins at everything. So the brother has set up a fake kidnapping, but it turns out to be real, so they try to save him from the bad guys, and hilarity ensues. But it's so much better than Date Night or The Game because it doesn't take itself so seriously. 

This was a really fun movie that most people would enjoy. They swear a lot, which was weird for a good date movie like this one, but it was still really good. One of my favorite things was how awesome the ladies were. They were smart and strong and brave. I really enjoyed watching them try and get through this situation. It was funny and exciting and I think you'd probably enjoy it, too.

Your thoughts?

I loved this movie. I didn't think I would. I think Bateman is a great tv actor but have not been impressed by many of this movies roles.  He's good but never blown me away until now. McAdams and him had great chemistry on this film and I could not stop laughing. I snicker or smile a lot but don't laugh out loud much but this movie had me going. I also loved the zoom out effect that made the streets and cars look like a game.