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Forever My Girl Has Feels, But Also Disappointment

Check out Bethany's review:

Submitted by Joel on Sat, 01/27/2018 - 17:09

This movie was lucky that it had some decent actors and some cute scenes in it, cuz otherwise, it was getting a -9. If you like The Notebook, you'll probably like this movie, and I hate it for very similar reasons. This is the story of the fantasy of the bad boy turning good 'cuz love'. Oh, sure, it helps that he's fabulously wealthy and turns into the perfect guy.

So this is the story of Liam Page, who becomes fabulously famous and leaves his old life behind. But the people in his old life resent him for leaving them behind... until one day he decides to come back and literally all is forgiven. In about two days. There are no consequences for his actions... he gets the girl, he gets the love and respect of his family, the town loves him, the end. It's just so terrible. He sleeps with a random groupie from the audience one night and treats his manager like complete crap, then shows up in his hometown the next day, and POOF! He's a better person. And all is forgiven. I wish there was more to this story. He doesn't work for it. The movie doesn't make him. He barely even shows remorse. In fact, it's all about him and what he left behind. And she forgives it all. Cuz they're just meant to be (and he's rich and takes her on a dream date). I'm sorry, but the dream date was just such an awful scene. She's forgiving him cuz money. He's been back for about a WEEK now. It's just so awful.

So, sure, some people might be upset because they loved the movie. But it's so demeaning to women! She's shown to be an awesome girl, but there she is just pining away for her lost man for EIGHT YEARS! She is beautiful and awesome and he's sleeping with any girl and drugged out and drunk and that's all fine! He spent TWO WEEKS in town, so all is well! 

Now, I have to admit, some of the acting is decent, some of the scenes actually gave me some of the feels, and some of the characters are actually good. But the story and plot are just so awful. This is a dream come true for terrible guys that can't commit and treat girls like crap. AT LEAST there wasn't some awesome guy that loves her that she just dumps for this loser. So at least it's better than The Notebook. I should write a blog post about why The Notebook is an awful movie (I'd give it -8). There's so much more, but I should end my rant here.