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Downsizing - A Tiny Movie with a Big Heart

Check out Joel's review:

Submitted by Bethany on Fri, 12/22/2017 - 22:26

The movie Downsizing is fascinating on so many levels.  It takes a look at a future in which scientists have learned how to miniaturize humans - it's sort of a "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" but this time on purpose.  The driving force behind this research and technological breakthrough was the idea that overpopulation, and it's subsequent environmental impacts, is the number one threat to the human species. I literally gasped out loud when they showed how much trash a colony of 36 humans created over the course of 4 years.  Joel had to remind me it was "just a movie".  

More specifically, we follow the story of Paul, a rather ordinary unassuming Midwestern American who becomes fascinated with the idea of downsizing and the promise of luxury and a life free of worrying about money.  He makes the choice to downsize and move to "Leisure Land".  Once there, life doesn't exactly turn out to be the carefree dream he expected. Instead he meets his wild party hard neighbor, Dusan, and a Vietnamese refugee, Ngoc Lan.  Together, these two take him on an adventure he never would have imagined when he considered becoming small. 

I loved every aspect of this movie - the stunning visuals of a small community, the political and economic issues touched on with such a major societal shift.  Most of all I loved the thought experiment of whether or not I would become small, given the chance.  It's a fascinating future to contemplate, and equally fascinating to watch play out on the big screen.