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Chappaquiddick Takes Some License With History

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Submitted by Joel on Fri, 04/27/2018 - 13:58

Chappaquiddick is the name of the place that Ted Kennedy and friends went to on vacation. One day, there was an accident and a girl died. Ted Kennedy acted strangely and those that hate him say that it was manslaughter and those that love him say it was just a terrible accident. This movie is definitely on the manslaughter side.

I'm not really sure why this movie was made, to be honest. It's got some decent actors in it, but I feel like the creators just really wanted people to know how they felt about Ted Kennedy. And what they felt is shown by a candid moment in the movie between Ted and his father. His father mumbled to Ted that he'd never be a great man. The Lion of the Senate. Decades in office. This is not a documentary. This is their take on the situation and this is what they think of Ted Kennedy. 

If this was just fiction, the movie was a bit dull. Some political maneuvering, but no real suspense. The acting was pretty great, to be honest, though. You could feel the setting really well. But this was supposed to be factual. And it's really just a hit piece about this bumbling idiot of a man that has low ethics and no morals. His father hates him, his wife hates him, and they should cuz he's a moron with no talent and no moral compass. It would be one thing if this was based on some tell-all book., but it's not. It's just made up by a couple people that really don't like Ted Kennedy. It's no surprise that we were the only ones in the theater.