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Bird Box Is Tense But Not As Smart As It Should Be

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Submitted by Joel on Wed, 12/26/2018 - 12:48

This was a very difficult movie to review for me. There are so many things I like about this movie, but so many things that brought me out of it. I hate it when there's something that breaks my immersion in a movie, but I love a great concept, too. Great actors, tension, inventive story idea... this movie has all the pieces of something great. Sadly, some of the pieces were missing. If you can turn off your brain, this can be a really great movie. 

Bird Box is a survival story and the title refers to a box of birds the heroes keep with them to warn of impending danger from the creatures hunting them. These creatures cause people to lose their minds in a type of psychosis if you just see them. This realization causes the survivors to move around blindfolded in order to avoid the gaze of these beings. 

This had a really intriguing concept, but the delivery was shaky, bringing me out of the movie time and again. The concept is similar to A Quiet Place (maybe a bit too similar), where creatures arrive and hunt people and they have to adapt by, in this case, blindfolding themselves. It's hard to describe my issues with the movie without giving away the plot points. Mostly it has to do with their solutions to their lack of being able to see. One part fairly early in the movie had them driving by GPS and car sensors. In my opinion, they did that a bit too well, driving around cars, through a parking lot, and right up to the door of their goal destination. For me, that was a bit hard to believe. There were several other items like that, too... not terrible, but not great. Too many of them for me to rate the movie much higher. It was good, but not as good as it could have been had it been thought out a bit better. I think Quiet Place did this pretty well, personally.  If you didn't like Quiet Place, then I think you'll probably not like Bird Box, but if you did, you might enjoy Bird Box. I think it was worth the watch, just a bit disappointing in parts.